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Week 3 – The Big Giveaway

So here we are, three weeks in and ready to start list building!

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Week 1 – In the beginning….

I’ve read my own story over and over again on the Internet. I’ve seen it on Facebook, on blog posts, sales pages, on the warrior forum and listened to it on videos.

The names, dates and locations are different but it goes like this:

177430I started my internet marketing journey with such high hopes and dreams. I think the first product I bought was a mail order CD called “The Golden Back Door” and it was 2008. I don’t remember what it was about or why I didn’t follow through with it.

I think the word golden must have appealed, because I bought a high ticket program from Mike Cheney called the “Golden Thread” -. this one I do remember.

I got all my sites set up, then did something really stupid. I was in such a hurry to make some money that I thought I would just run some paid traffic to them3products. Looking back, obviously, at this point I knew nothing about traffic and bought it from some lowball reseller of junk. I got zero optins, which led me to the conclusion “well, this clearly does not work!” I think some of those sites are still dangling, lonely and unattended in cyberspace.

And so it went on… I “took action” on the courses I bought but never had any STICKIVITY.

I’d get bored. I’d get frustrated. I would think – hmm I really don’t like doing this so why would I want to do it instead of my job.

Maybe one of the critical differences in my story is that my back has never been against any wall. I have a good job, with good pay. Unfortunately, that seems to have bred complacency in me. I never really HAD to choose something and get the money coming in. I’ve just been obsessed with learning. The good thing is that I DO love IM. It turns out that I HAVE found my passion, I have just never figured out the right path to apply it.

It hasn’t all been wasted. I don’t blame gurus or product owners or sales techniques. I won’t try to connect with you on that level, like so many sales pages try to do.

I have probably the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree in IM.?? I know what I need to do.

So although there has been. nothing quick about my start – I’ve started this blog while following along with the quick start challenge program. Yes, yet another program, but am going to see this one through and welcome you to check back on my progress!

I’m not sure how you landed here, but if you have time, I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

When did you start? Have you succeeded? Why or why not?