heatherHi, Heather here. Welcome to IM Chick!

I’m originally a farm girl from a very cold province in Canada called Saskatchewan. The family packed up and moved out the Vancouver, BC in the early 70s but I always had a dream of living somewhere sunny. If you’ve ever been to Seattle, you know about the rain, rain rain.. So I now live in Los Angeles, just near the border of Ventura county. I moved here in 2001 (and the Canadian dollar was about 60 cents US ouch!) so have ridden the roller coaster but have been fortunate enough to have come out on the other side in relatively good shape.

My life path has brought me through many stages, from picking berries and babysitting as a kid to working at ski hills and resorts. I got into hospitality management in my 20’s and from there have learned many different skills. I’ve done everything from bartending to bookkeeping to executive administration in the “day jobs”.

My internet journey also started young, with 4 brothers, three of whom were always putting together weird looking computers in the basement and tinkering with all things electronic (and chemical at times!) I think they all had those science kits where they’d come close to blowing up the house several times a month.

What was it that you’re not supposed to mix with ammonia again?

Although I’ve been known to pull a computer apart and try to get it running again (I waited with bated breath for the mysterious 1 gigabyte hard drive came out so I could upgrade my computer) my passion has developed from downloading and fiddling with beta software when the internet was on dial-up, to selling on ebay, affiliate marketing, evolving into a love of all things marketing through the internet.

I’m not a typical salesman type person. I know how to do marketing but I am driven by the fact that I keep seeing people struggling on this journey. I cant help wonder if they’ve been spending their life savings, still have their dreams intact, and if their passion for making a living online is alive. That empathy got me thinking that if I could package all this knowledge that I study just for fun, I could create a team and could make a real difference for people in this industry.

So, all that being said, I am on a mission to help you change your life, while I change mine. Now that you know about me, its time to focus on YOU. I really look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and talking about how we can improve together.

Shoot me an email any time.

Heather S.

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  1. Art Avington

    Hi Heather,
    Sounds like you’ve been around the block and have picked up great experience in different areas! You also sound like you’re ready to put that experience to good use. I’m glad you’re in the group and expect to see you there at the end…We can do this!



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